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Nesa / SIA Compliance

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NESA Compliance provides a framework for achieving effective cyber security. SIA UAE, National Electronic Security Authority, is set up to improve the national cyber security efforts across UAE. NESA operates under the Supreme Council for National Security. Being a federal authority responsible for improving the cybersecurity, increasing awareness and collective cyber security risk management of UAE.

NESA had released a number of documents (NESA Guidelines and Standards) to help organizations improve their cyber security. NESA compliance is mandatory for all government entities in UAE and those entities identified as critical information infrastructure by NESA.

Critical Service Identification

Identify the critical services and assets in the organization

NESA GAP Assessment

Identify the gaps in complying with the NESA requirements

NESA Risk Assessment

Conduct Risk Assessment to identify the risks in the organization

NESA Control Alignment

Our consultants will work with you in implementing the controls that were identified

NESA Compliance Checks

Regularly audit the NESA compliance level of your organization

End to end NESA Consultants

ValueMentor team can help you implement the NESA Standards quickly and efficiently. We have combined various stages of the NESA project into 4 phases.

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NESA Critical Services Identification

NESA Compliance journey begins with trying the identify the critical elements in an organization

  • Identification of the critical services in the organization
  • Identification of the critical infrastructure in the organization
  • Finalizing the critical elements for the NESA compliance

NESA Gap Assessment

NESA Gap assessment against NESA guidelines will demonstrate the compliance level. Our NESA team of experts will

  • Assess the existing Security controls and compliance against the NESA Standard
  • Identify the gaps with NESA compliance.
  • Gap Assessment will deliver actionable report, which will enable the client to achieve NESA compliance quickly

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NESA Risk Assessment

The NESA National Cyber Risk Management Framework defines the NESA Risk Assessment process. The NESA Risk Assessment will assist in identifying the risks in the organization


  • Identify the threats and vulnerabilities to the critical information infrastructure
  • Follow the NESA RAM book methodology in line with the organizational risk profile
  • Develop risk treatment plans & risk register

Nesa Control Selection & Implementation

UAE IAS lists 188 security controls in a prioritized approach. Defining the control applicability is a key step towards control selection towards implementation

  • Our consultants will help you choose controls that are relevant to your organization “based on the risk assessment”
  • ValueMentor solution team help you choose the right security solutions that can cater your risk remediation
  • Our process team will help you in defining the policies and procedures to address the NESA requirements

NESA Compliance Checks

NESA Compliance checks help you confirm your organizations NESA audit readiness.

  • The goal of the internal audits is to identify the alignment of the security implementation towards NESA requirements
  • NESA audit assesses the adequacy of the process and technology implementation in relation to the NESA standards
  • Identify any deviations from the documented practices as part of the policies and procedures.

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