• Regulatory bodies require the organizations to address the Cyber Risks based on the security standards published. These standards would set a security baseline to protect data.
  • Our cybersecurity professionals understand business risk and help you align the business risks and compliance requirements with the right cyber security strategy.

Our compliance services can help your organization:

  • Become compliant with data security & privacy regulations and standards
  • Efficiently and effectively manage compliance needs
  • Align the compliance requirements to your business risks

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PCI DSS Compliance

ValueMentor, a PCI QSA company, provides PCI DSS compliance certification and consultancy services to clients across the globe. ValueMentor has adopted a holistic approach in achieving compliance wherein the execution of phases is carried out in a coordinated and integrated manner with the intention of instilling compliance.

GDPR Compliance

ValueMentor has experience in developing & implementing privacy programs that lead to GDPR compliance. We understand that aligning technology with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is the best approach towards achieving GDPR objectives. Our ADAPT methodology helps organizations achieve GDPR compliance ahead of the compliance dates.

NIST CSF Compliance

NIST created a framework – Cyber Security Framework or CSF, for heightening cyber security and thus ensuring reliable function of critical infrastructure. It consists of guidelines, standards and best practices required to building, assessing, developing, strengthening and enhancing cyber security measures for critical infrastructure.

HIPAA / HITRUST Compliance

HIPAA & HITRUST CSF assessments safeguard healthcare information and electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI). We at ValueMentor, assist you in complying with the framework.

SWIFT CSP Compliance

ValueMentor helps financial organizations in complying with SWIFT CSP framework which protects them from fradulent activity. A set of manadatory security controls are impletemented around the SWIFT CSP framework.


Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18. (SSAE 18) is a set of standards & guidelines which enable the auditors to audit and provide attestation that applies to most types of attestation engagements .

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ISO 27001 Compliance

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FFIEC Compliance

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NERC Compliance

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NIST SP 800-171

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Facilitated PCI SAQ

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NESA Compliance

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Dubai ISR Compliance

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RBI Cyber Security Framework

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What is NESA Compliance

NESA Compliance is mandated by Signals Intellegence Agency (SIA), earlier known as NESA, on all critical information infrastructure operators in UAE What does NESA Stands for? NESA stands for National Electronic Security Authority. It is a federal authority in United...

HIPAA – HITECH Compliance

Healthcare organizations in the United States and their business associates worldwide are required to comply with the HIPAA / HITECH regulation. With the introduction of HIPAA Omnibus rule, all business associates in the chain of healthcare support are required to be...

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