Value Mentor is looking for Senior Penetration Tester. As a penetration tester, you will need to :

  • Understand complex computer systems and technical cyber security terms.
  • Carry out remote testing of a client’s network or onsite testing of their infrastructure to expose weaknesses in security.
  • Work with clients to determine their requirements from the test, for example the number and type of systems they would like testing.
  • Plan and create penetration methods, scripts and tests.
  • Advise on methods to fix or lower security risks to systems.
  • Consider the impact your ‘attack’ will have on the business and its users.
  • Create reports and recommendations from your findings.
  • Present your findings, risks and conclusions to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Understand how the flaws that you identify could affect a business, or business function, if they’re not fixed.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Excellent spoken and written communication to explain your methods to a technical and non-technical audience.
  • Network, Applications (Web & Mobile), and Wireless Penetration testing.
  • Knowledge of evasive methodologies is a huge plus.
  • Proficiency in at least one language for writing tools, even better, you have a GitHub full of hackery.
  • Attention to detail, to be able to plan and execute tests whilst considering client requirements.
  • The ability to think creatively and strategically to penetrate security systems.
  • Good time management and organizational skills to meet strict client deadlines.
  • Ethical integrity to be trusted with a high level of confidential information.
  • Commitment to continuously updating your technical knowledge base
  • Teamwork skills, to support colleagues and share techniques
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and the persistence to apply different techniques to get the job done.
  • Ability to be a self-starter, but also work with a team during operations
  • Knowledge of regulatory frameworks such as HIPPA, GDPR, PCI etc.

Work Experience:

4-5 years of relevant experience.

Required Education:

Relevant degree, in-depth knowledge of computer operating systems and at least four to five years of experience in a role related to information security.

Useful degree subjects include:

  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Forensic Computing
  • Computing and Information Systems
  • Network Management
  • Computer Systems Engineering.

Required Certifications:

Any one among the following certificate is required

  • GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) Certification
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Licensed Penetration Tester(LPT)

Please send your CVs to [email protected] with the subject line: “Resume: Senior Penetration Tester”

Also mention the following details:

Current CTC :

Expected CTC :

Total Experience :

Relevant Experience :

Notice Period :