Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless Attack & Penetration test will

  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate the risk of unauthorised access to your network
  • Offer advice for hardening and remediation

Wireless Network Penetration Testing






Wireless Security Testing Approach

Wireless Discovery

ValueMentor will identify and inventory wireless access points whose signal can be received at the Targeted Locations, whether physically located at or nearby the Targeted Locations.
Additionally, the wireless signal leakage will be mapped to determine the amount of bleed over outside the Targeted Locations.

Wireless Penetration Testing

ValueMentor will attempt to establish unauthorized connections with those access points physically located at the Targeted Locations.

  • ValueMentor will first capture information from existing communications, such as private keys, SSIDs, usernames and passwords, and encryption schemes deployed.
  • Next, ValueMentor will use the gathered information to attempt to establish an unauthorized wireless connection with the Targeted Locations access points, hijack an existing connection, break the encryption scheme in use, and/or impersonate a valid user.
  • Additionally, ValueMentor will attempt to assess the security of wireless client devices accessing the Targeted Locations wireless network by attempting man-in-the-middle attacks, false Customer access points, and other scenarios to ascertain the security of wireless client devices.

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Rogue Wireless Access Point Detection

ValueMentor will walk through the client premises

  • To identify and locate rogue access points and ad-hoc networks (those access points and networks not authorized by the client) and
  • Then attempts to determine if they are connected to the client network

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Wireless Controller / Access Point Security Review

A security configurations review of the Wireless controllers will help you identify configuration weaknesses such as


  • Wireless LAN segmentation
  • Security controls
  • Configuration against common threats

Wireless Network Penetration Test Report

Wireless Network Security Assessment reports are subject to the specific assessment being performed. However, in general these reports provide insights about

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the wireless network infrastructure
  • Security Configuration review report of the Wireless Controller / AP
  • Proof of concept section for any exploited networks
  • Recommendations on how to improve the wireless security within the client network.

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